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Medical Education Unit (MEU)

Most medical schools have established a medical education unit (MEU) or similar bodies in response to various reforms in medical education. Such units have a variety of titles and operate either independently or under the office of the dean. Their activities include conducting educational research, teaching and providing service and career development of academic staff. The scope of their activities ranges from serving medical faculty only to all other health professionals at either the undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Several factors contribute to the success of MEUs and their establishment is seen to have a positive effect on their medical school.

The functions of MEUs include research, teaching, service and career development of staff and the scope of their activities ranges from undergraduate to postgraduate programmes and from uni-professional to multi-professional audiences. The balance of these activities varies according to the mission and scope of the units; however, the right balance is important for their continuity and stability.

Since its inception, this unit has been functioning, tirelessly, with a mission to constantly improve the quality of medical teaching by conducting various Faculty Development Programmes, PG Orientation Programmes, Workshops, Symposia, CMEs, & Combined Clinical Meetings.

Medical Education Unit (MEU)Medical Education Committee

Contact Person Designation In Committee
Dr. Yamini Director Chief Person
Dr. Sulbha Naik Medical Superintendent Patron
Dr. Anuradha Iyer Professor & Head, Dept. of Physiology Chairperson
Dr. Shivani Kalhan Professor & Head, Dept. of Pathology Coordinator
Dr. Puja Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology Member Secretary
Dr. Hitesh Chawla Associate Professor, Dept. of Forensic Medicine Member
Dr. Arti Dhingra Associate Professor, Dept. of Paediatrics Member
Dr. Shivani Kalhan Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology Member
Dr. Prakriti Vohra Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology Member
Dr. Deepender Associate Professor, Dept. of Anaesthesia Member
Dr. Suraj Chawla Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine Member
Dr. Ashima Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anatomy Member
Dr. Naveen Budhania Assistant professor, Dept. of Pharmacology Member

The Medical Education Unit was established in 2012 and it functions as a support unit to

1. Facilitate faculty staff professional development in teaching and learning.

2. Act as key advisory role in curriculum development and review.

3. Promote research in medical education.