Department of TB & Respiratory Medicine | SHKM, Govt. Medical College, Nalhar, Nuh, Haryana.

SHKM Campus

Head of Department

Dr. Vipin Goyal

Associate Professor
Head of Department
Reg. No. : NA

Department of TB & Respiratory Medicine

The Department of TB & Chest diseases is also known as Respiratory Diseases or Pulmonary Medicines. The consultants/specialist are called chest physicians, or Respiratory Physicians or Pulmonologist. The Department deals with diseases of respiratory system (nose, throat, windpipe, lungs, chest wall etc). We work as a team of doctors in our department everyday from 9am-4pm, giving outpatient services (OPD), inpatient services (wards), acute care (serious patients) and ICU care.

FACILITIES :- Pre – Operative Assessment

    Fibre – Optic Bronchoscopy

    A. Diagnostic
    B. Therapeutic

    Outpatient Management

    Specialty Clinics
    (a) Smoking Cessation
    (b) Sleep Disorders
    (c) Asthma
    (d) COPD
    (e) Post COVID

    Minor Procedure- THORACENTESIS

    Plan:-Pleural Biopsy

Our Specialists

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kapil Sharma

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : NA

Assistant Professor

Dr.Poulomi Chatterjee

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : NA

    Presently, the department offers Respiratory Medicine OPD services on Monday to Saturday.

    Special clinics: Sleep clinic is on Monday, COPD Clinics on Tuesday $ Friday, Asthma Clinic on Thursday, Smoking Cessation on Wednesday.

    Post COVID Clinic from Monday to Saturday.

    Routine Pulmonary Function Testing in coordination with Department of Physiology offers services on daily basis.

    Sleep Lab in coordination with Department of Physiology offers services for diagnosis and treatment of various sleep related disorders e.g. OSA, CSA, Sleep Related Movement Disorders, Narcolepsy, Parasomnias, Circadian rhythm disorders, Insomnias etc.

    The Department is planning to run comprehensive bronchoscopic services including BAL, TBNA, TBLB & EBB.