Department of Pharmacology | SHKM, Govt. Medical College, Nalhar, Nuh, Haryana.

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Head of Department

Dr. Vinod Kumar Bhardwaj

Head of Department
Reg. No. : MCI 5683
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Teaching Schedules

Department of Pharmacology Teaching Schedules

Department mission is to provides quality education in pharmacology & Therapeutics of medical students, to evaluate and train graduate & post graduate to carryout basic research of recognized excellence. It has obtained recognition as Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre (AMC) in 2017 JUNE by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India under Pharmacovigilance programme of India. Various research projects - are carried out in the department. Department is also rationalizing the Drug Utilization pattern (central hospital pharmacy) in our Institution.

About the area of study

Pharmacology is the science of drugs. The objective of Pharmacology is mainly to provide such scientific data, using which one can choose a drug treatment of proven efficacy and safety from the various options available, to suit the patient.

Pharmacology has an important role in pharmaceutical industry where drug discovery and clinical trials are all based on pharmacological principles. Like other biomedical sciences, the boundaries of Pharmacology are extending and it tends to have more than other disciplines. The new arrivals on the fringe are Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics.

We Provide

    Training of undergraduates (MBBS) & Post graduate in rational and scientific basis of therapeutics & Evidence based Medicines

    Modern teaching methods practiced including computer assisted learning (CAL) by using animal simulators

    Pharmacovigilance Activities

    Awareness about rational use of Medicines

    Various Research activities

    Working models for better understanding of basic concept of Pharmacology

Our Specialists

Associate Professor, Co-ordinator AMC

Dr. Naveen Kumar

Associate Professor
Co-ordinator AMC

Reg. No. : MCI 16-21303

Assistant Professor

Dr. Navin Budania

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : MCI 11118


Dr. Arka Mondal

Reg. No. : DMC 34386


MUSEUM - Displays various specimens covering Drug Samples, Medicinal Plants Dosage Form, Route of Drug administration, Toxicology, Charts and other Exhibits, Different Drug delivery Device, History of Medicine, Adverse Drug Reaction, Various Working models as per MCI requirements.

EXPERIMENTAL LAB - Displays various instruments for example Kymograph, Students Organ bath (single and multiple Unit), Various lever, Long Extension for paper (Palmer) Long extension kymograph, Plethysmograph, Mammalian heart Assemble apparatus (Langendorff apparatus) etc. as per MCI requirements. We also use Animal simulator- computer software for animal experimentation by Elsevier’s.

PHARMACY LAB- Displays various instruments and chemical for Various Pharmacy Preparation for MBBS Practical. for example, Dispensing Balance with metric system weights, Pill Tiles, Glass mortar & Pestles Capacity of 500 cc, Magnifying glass with metal handle, Petri Dishes Assorted etc well equipped as per MCI requirements. We conduct various Pharmacy Preparation & Modern Pharmacy Practical class for UG students. Training of prescription writing and Auditing of prescriptions.

PG RESEARCH LAB- For Post graduate (MD-Pharmacology) to provides training in evidence-based medicine. Various instruments include Respiration Pump, Centrifuge, Photoelectric Colorimeter, Analgesiometer, Eddys’s hotplate, Photo actometer etc.

CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY LAB:- Well equipped for Clinical Management & research purpose.

PHARMACOVIGILANCE: - Adverse Drug reaction Monitoring Centre (AMC), SHKM-GMC is officially designated under the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PVPI), since June, 2017. All ADRs are reported through the official software- ‘VIGIFLOW’, a web-based Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) management system that is available for national pharmacovigilance centres of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring. Dr. Naveen Kumar, Associate Professor, dept. of Pharmacology is the co-ordinator of the AMC, SHKM-GMC. Pharmacovigilance Meeting held in twice a year.

ANIMAL HOUSE: - Sufficient animal holding space with proper facility is available as per guidelines of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change.IAEC Constituted in December, 2016.Government approval number of SHKM GMC animal house (IAEC) is 1926/GO/Re/S/16/CPCSEA on 24.12.2016 up to 23.12.2021.

Various Activities

A CME cum Workshop on “DRUG SAFETY MONITORING AMONG HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS”, was organized by the Department On 22ND April, 2015 at SHKM GMC.

Teaching Schedules :

S. No.
Teaching Schedules
1 Theory Schedule for V Sem Aug-2018
2 Practical Schedule for V Sem. Aug-2018
3 Practical Schedule for 2016 Batch IV sem. July_2018
4 Theory Schedule for 2016 batch IV-sem. July-2018