Medical Record Department | SHKM, Govt. Medical College, Nalhar, Nuh, Haryana.

Medical Record Department

Head of Department

Mr. Manoj Kumar

Medical Record Officer
E-Mail :
Mobile : +91-8199001311

Medical Record Department (MRD)

The Medical Records Department has been established with the following aims:

    To develop a comprehensive record keeping system for all indoor patients.

    To develop a system to record census of service seeking individuals.

    To develop a system to record service utilization.

    To develop a system to retrieve information.

The department shall consist of four sections:

    Reception Desk

    Census Desk

    Scrutiny Desk

    Master Records

Our Team

Clerk cum DEO

Mr. Rakesh

Store Keeper cum Clerk
cum Comp. Operator

E-Mail :

Clerk cum DEO

Mr. Mohd. Rafique

Store Keeper
E-Mail : mohdrafique81

Clerk cum DEO

Mr. Yogender Kumar

Clerk cum DEO
E-Mail :

Clerk cum DEO

Mrs. Monika

Clerk cum DEO
E-Mail : monika.subhash.chand

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