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Citizen Charter

Shaheed Hasan Khan, Govt. Medical college is the only major Institution in the region of Mewat for Medical Education & Research and a tertiary care Centre for the provision of specialized Health care services not only to the people of the State of Haryana, but also to those from Rajasthan and western U.P..

HKM Government Medical College, Nalhar, Mewat, HARYANA continues to provide dedicated patient care and endeavours to improve its services on a constant ongoing basis. We strive to provide:

1. Dedication to understanding and fulfilling patient’s need

2. Devotion to providing efficient and reliable patient care services

3. Efficient prompt and courteous service with dedication to integrity and fairness

4. Motivating the patient for helping themselves as well as the Institute to serve them better

5. Total commitment to providing challenging and rewarding career for every employee

6. Transparency of functioning

7. Periodic & regular monitoring of functioning


This Citizen’s Charter is an expression of our commitment towards improving our services offered to make them more efficient and responsive and at the same time making our working more transparent to our valued patients.

This Citizen’s Charter is an attempt to bring the hospital closer to its patients in the society. This Charter is made to provide a framework, which enables our users to know:

1. What services are available in this institute?

2. The quality of services they are entitled to.

3. The means through which complaints regarding denial or poor quality of service will be redressed.


Specialists' Hospital is committed to providing super-speciality medical care to all sections of the society at affordable cost, incorporating continual quality improvement in all functional aspects, to achieve the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction.


Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Govt. Medical College, Nalhar Mewat is situated at a distance of about 60 Kms from IGI- Airport New Delhi on Delhi-Gurgaon-Alwar Highway at the foothills of Aravali hills range in southern Haryana at Nalhar. Medical College has been named after Raja Hasan Khan Mewati who sacrificed his life in March 1527 in the Battle of Khanwa against the First Mughal Emperor Babur, the invader to Delhi’s throne at that time.

Contact Us

SHKM Govt. Medical College
Nalhar, Nuh (Mewat) Haryana
Phone: 01267-282007
Fax: 01267-282007

Standard of Services

1. This is a Haryana Government institution.

2. It provides medical care to all patients who come to this institute and also train medical students.

3. Standards are influenced by patient load and availability of resources; it is aimed to give courteous and prompt attention to our users.

4. Committed to provide world-class treatment free of cost.

General Information

The hospital has :
Doctors : 150
Nurses & Assistants : 202
Beds : 400

Staff Uniform

All staffs except Administration department are in uniform and all wear a badge of identification.


1. Location guide map is available and directional signboards are fixed in each floor.

2. Enquiries counter exist at the reception.

3. Hospital enquiry hotline is 01267-282007.

Casualty and Emergency Services

1. The casualty functions round the clock on all days.

2. Casualty Medical officer and resident doctors are available 24 hrs all days.

3. Duty Doctors are available on call round the clock in all specialties.

4. There are 10 beds in the emergency room and 20 in disaster ward.

5. Emergency Cases are attended promptly.

6. All the items required are made available during mass casualties.

7. In serious cases, priority is given to treatment/ management than paper work like registration and medico-legal cases. The decision rests with the treating doctor.

8. Emergency operation theatre is maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it is usable at all times.

Ambulance Services

1. The hospital provides ambulance service round the clock.

2. A team of trained and dedicated medical professionals, Emergency Technicians, Nursing Personnel and trained drivers are always ready to handle all eventualities round the clock.

3. The Ambulance services are available for transportation of patients.

4. Ambulance service enquiry no: 102

5. This facility is available 24 hours a day, on all days.

Out Patient Department(OPD)

1. Timings: FROM 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM till the last patient is seen.

2. Registration counter opens at 8:30 AM. Form where patients are provided a unique OPD No. And further guided to respective OPD's.

3. In each OPD patients are registered again and specific department No. is given.

4. If you have been registered previously, kindly quote your Medical Record Number, while registration.

5. Only emergency walk-in can be seen out of turn.

Special Clinics

1. Medicine and allied

2. Surgery and allied

3. Obstretics and Gyaenocology

4. Paediatrics

5. Dental

6. Plastic Surgery

7. Pediatric Surgery

8. Cancer surgery

Laboratory Services

1. Biochemistry

2. Blood Bank

3. Hematology

4. Microbiology

5. Clinical Pathology


24 hours a day X 7 days week

Collection of Specimens

1. All Days 08:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M.

2. Sundays and other Holidays closed.

3. Reliability and promptness of laboratory results is ensured as tests are done by automatic machines which are calibrated on regular basis.

4. Reports are made available within the shortest possible time.

Equipments and Facilities

This hospital has the following services available:




4. ECG



7. C-ARM




11. X-RAY





We have state of art Operation Theaters where all types of surgeries are done with experienced faculty and latest techniques.

During Your Stay

1. We hope this information helps you to prepare for your stay as an inpatient at SHKM GMC Hospital.

2. A skilled team working will make your stay comfortable and pleasant.


Money & Valuables :

It is not advisable to bring large sums of money or valuables into the hospital. The hospital does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to your possession.

Food Services

Diet :

The hospital dietary department provides all meals for the patient. The Dietitian plans the diet based on the therapeutic needs. Our kitchen is well equipped to serve good balanced vegetarian meals. Dietician takes rounds of all patients and in consultation with treating physician and advice the therapeutic and non-therapeutic diet.

Canteen :

The hospital provides canteen facilities for visitors as well as Staff's.

Bystander Pass


Patients require rest and we do our best to provide patients with a quiet, peaceful and tranquil environment. In order to achieve this we restrict the number of attendants. Our infrastructure can support only one attendant per patient, but this may vary according to the category of the patient. Female bystanders are a must for female patients. Bystander pass is issued from IP admission counter at the time of patient admission. Bystander can utilize this pass facility until the discharge of the patient.

Visiting hours:

1. Visiting hours for the hospital are: 6.30 am – 7.30 am, 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm & 4.30 pm – 7.30 pm.

2. Please ensure that visitors adhere to the visiting hours only and that they are restricted to the absolute minimum.

Other Services and Facilities

1. Wheel Chairs and stretchers are available on request at any point from Patient Movement Service Department.

2. Lifts are available for access to higher floors.

3. There are stand-by generators to cater to emergency services in case of breakdown of electricity.

4. Adequate drinking water and toilet facilities are available.

General Information

Medico legal cases :

On admission of a Medico Legal Case, the hospital will definitely honor the rules of the Indian/Haryana Govt. and inform the local police authorities.

Death Certificate :

If a patient expires in the hospital, a death certificate is issued to the family by the hospital to carry the body. The hospital sends the Death registration form & Medical Certificate showing the cause of death to the GH Nuh. The family has to collect the final Death Certificate from GH Nuh.

Complaints and Grievances

1. There will be occasions when our services will not be upto your expectations.

2. Please do not hesitate to register your complaint. It will only help us to serve you better.

3. There is a redressal forum that functions in association with the Medical superintendent Office to attend to all grievances.

4. The complaints can be informed directly to the Administrative department or through patient feed back form.

5. Every grievance will be duly acknowledged.

General Instructions

Smoking :

SHKM GMC hospital is a “No Smoking Zone”. Patients and their attendants are strictly prohibited from smoking inside the hospital premises.

Silence :

Silence is essential in a hospital. Even minor noises can disturb people who are not feeling well. Visitors are requested to speak softly and avoid unnecessary noise. Patient’s relatives are advised not to crowd the area outside the patient room. Hospital staff is under instruction to take necessary steps to prevent noise and crowding.

Parking :

Parking facilities are provided for visitors inside the entrance gate.

Responsibilities of The User

1. The success of this charter depends on the support we receive from our users.

2. Please try to appreciate the various constraints under which the hospital is functioning.

3. Please help us in keeping the hospital and its surroundings neat and clean.

4. Please use the facilities of this hospital with care.

5. Beware of Touts, petty thieves.

6. Please refrain from demanding undue favours from the Staff and officials.

7. Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions.

“Seva Parmo Dharma”