Department of Obstetrics & Gynae | SHKM, Govt. Medical College, Nalhar, Nuh, Haryana.

SHKM Campus

Head of Department

Dr. Ravi Dutt Wadhwa

Head of Department
Reg. No. : 12-12231 MCI

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology provides quality health care to women throughout Mewat and Surrounding Districts of Haryana and neighbouring areas of UP and Rajasthan. A high premium is placed on improving Maternal and Child morbidity and mortality and providing a role in supporting all Obs & Gynae facilities in our region including preventative as well as curative services. Services related to Gynaecological oncology, Human reproduction, Gynaecological endocrinology, Family planning, Maternal & Fetal care and Uro- gynaecology form the backbone of our clinical and academic programme. The Dept. is responsible for comprehensive training of Medical students and junior faculty in the field of Obst. & Gynae with research activities on relevant issues.


Our vision is a department enjoying national and international recognition in the fields of training and research; together with excellence in services rendered to the community we serve.


    Stimulation of independent learning amongst our students.

    Comprehensive and balanced training.

    Detailed quality control of both training and service rendering.

    Development of recognized sub-specialties.

    Expansion of national and international contacts.

    Development of human potential at all levels.

    Healthy and acknowledged management principles.


    Special Clinics:-

  • i. Antenatal
  • ii. Postnatal
  • iii. Infertility
  • iv. Cancer detection
  • v. Post menopausal
  • vi. Family welfare
  • vii. High Risk Pregnancy
  • Pap Smear


    Cryo Cautery


    Round the clock Emergency Obst Services

    LR with state of art delivery tables

    Eclampsia ward with delivery beds

    Intensive care services

    Dedicated USG with colour Doppler services.

    CTG – Fetal Doppler


    Modular OT attached to LR complex for emergency Obst & Gynae Services.

    Modular OT for elective surgeries

    All major surgeries including:-

  • i. Minilap Hysterectomy
  • ii. NDVH, wertheim’s Hysterectomy
  • iii. Recanalisation
  • iv. Sling Operations
  • iv. Vaginoplasty
  • Hysteroscopy: operative & diagnostic set

    Vesselsealing system

Our Team

Head of Department

Dr. Sundar Pal Singh

Associate Professor
Reg. No. : 89960-MMC

Head of Department

Dr. Divya Mangla

Associate Professor
Reg. No. : 09-7892 MCI

Head of Department

Dr. Shipra Misra

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : 2844-UPMC

Head of Department

Dr. Ayesha Bano

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : HN 2460

Head of Department

Dr. Savita Mehta

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : G-2179 GMC

Head of Department

Dr. Vishal Sharma

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : NA

Head of Department

Dr. Juhee Harit

Senior Resident
Reg. No. : 17-24929-MCI

Head of Department

Dr.Sarita Chaudhary

Senior Resident
Reg. No. : 12237-RMC