Department of Opthalmology | SHKM, Govt. Medical College, Nalhar, Nuh, Haryana.

SHKM Campus

Head of Department

Dr. Manpreet Kaur

Head of Department
Reg. No. : 12-11807

Department of Opthalmology

Welcome to the Department of Ophthalmology at SHKM, GMC, Nalhar. We are committed to serve our patients and our community, to prepare physicians to care for their patients, and to the development and propagation of new concepts to preserve and enhance vision.

Every ophthalmic subspecialty is represented by at least one of our full-time ophthalmologists. We are the consultants for secondary and tertiary eye care for our community.

Out Patient Department (OPD)

is well equipped with state of art machines like:

    Advanced Biomicroscopy Slit lamp with high definition quality image

    Slit Lamps

    Refraction unit with clear vision chart

    Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

    Optical coherence Tomography

    Fundus Camera

    Automated Perimetry

    Auto Refractokeratometer


    Specular microscope

    A- scan

    B- scan ultrasonograph

    Non Contact Tonometer(automated)

    Schiotz Tonometer

    Applanation Tonometer

    Nd YAG Laser for capsulotomies and iridotomies.

    Therapeutic lenses-Abraham lens, Nd-YAG Capsulotomy lens, four mirror Gonio lens

    Diagnostic Lenses- 90D,78D,Gonio lens

Operation Theater (OT)

    Advance Ophthalmic operating Microscopes,

    Phacoemulsification Machine

    Cryo – machine unit,

    Anterior Vitrectomy machine.

Major Surgery being conducted in the Eye Department

    Cataract Surgery (SICS + Phaco with IOL)

    Glaucoma Filteration Surgery

    Pterygium Surgery

    Squint Surgery

    Oculoplastic Surgery – lid reconstruction, Entropion & Ectropion correction,Ptosis correction,Orbital Cyst excision, Traumatic Lid secondary prosthetic implants.

    Dacryocystorhinostomy / Dacryocystectomy/Syringing and Probing

    Primary Corneo-scleral injury repairs

    Chalazion incision and curettage


Our Team

Associate Professor

Dr.Nishtha Saini

Associate Professor
Reg. No. : 35562 PMC
E-Mail :
Mobile : +91-1234567890

Associate Professor

Dr.Yogesh Kumar

Associate Professor
Reg. No. : 25396

Assistant Professor

Dr. Neha Adlakha

Assistant Professor
Reg. No. : NA

Senior Resident

Dr. Apoorva

Senior Resident
Reg. No. : DMC-82255

Senior Resident

Dr. Mohd. Makhmoor Alam

Senior Resident
Reg. No. :DMC/R/07187

Senior Resident

Dr. Sabhia Jan

Senior Resident
Reg. No. : NA