Department of Dentistry | SHKM, Govt. Medical College, Nalhar, Nuh, Haryana.

SHKM Campus

Head of Department

Dr. Amita Sharma

Head of Department
Reg. No. : HN-332 A (HDC)

Department of Dentistry

The department of Dentistry at SHKM GMC, Nalhar is a fully equipped department with essential facilities to provide comprehensive care to the patients of Mewat and adjoining areas. The department caters daily a good quality out patient consultation as well as various dental procedures.

Apart from providing clinical dental care, the department is also involved in research work, conducting CME’s and various health camps. The faculty regularly attends workshops and even presents papers in various National and International conferences to upgrade their knowledge.

Facilities provided by Department of Dentistry are as follow:

    Routine OPDs from 9am to 4 pm

    IPD facility

    Extractions of teeth

    Surgical extractions of impacted/ wisdom teeth

    Management of trauma cases and dento-alveolar fractures under local anesthesia

    Major surgeries under General anaesthesia for ankylosis and facial trauma

    Management of TMJ Disorders

    Management of Facial Neuralgias

    Management of maxilla-facial infections

    Cyst and tumor excision surgery

    Dental Management of Medically compromised cases

    Management of Oral Submucos Fibrosis


    Oral prophylaxis

    Depigmentation therapy of mucosa

    Flap surgeries

    Gingivoplasty and Gingivectomy


    Oro-antral communication management

    Restorations: GIC fillings, miracle mix, Light cure GIC, composite etc.

    Root canal treatment, Re-RCT cases, Indirect Pulp capping, Direct Pulp Capping

    Esthetic and cosmetic treatment


    Paediatric Dental treatments- management of Nursing bottle caries, restorations, pulpectomy, space maintainers, stainless steel crowns, behaviour management of un-cooperative child patients

    24-hours Emergency services

    Community dental care: demonstration of Brushing Techniques, conducted oral health camps in surrounding villages and schools, distributed tooth brushes and tooth pastes to children.

    Awareness drives: Counselling pregnant women for better oral care pre- and post-partum, Counselling parents with their children in regard to maintenance of oral health, Create awareness in patients about side effects of tobacco, smoking, gutkha and paan.

Our Team


Dr. Vijay Laxmy

Reg. No. : A-2625(DDC)
E-Mail : vijay_laxmy13